Car Safety

Driveway Safety: Protecting Kids From Car Back-overs

You should always be aware of what’s in your blind spot—even before you start your car. More than 9,000 children go to ERs for injuries caused by a car pulling forward or backing up each year. Practicing and teaching safety around cars in driveways and parking lots can help prevent injuries and even save lives.


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    • Before getting into the car, walk all the way around it, to make sure children are not under or behind the car. If children are outside, have them stand away from the car with another adult until you have left the driveway.
    • When possible, park your car so that you can pull forward instead of having to back out. If you need to back out, check all mirrors, and do so carefully.
    • Try not to use the driveway for play. It is better to find a safe spot for your child that is away from all parked or moving cars.
    • Pick up any toys, bikes, chalk or other play items near the driveway that could attract children.

    • Accompany little kids when getting in and out of the car. 
    • Firmly hold your child’s hand when you are around moving cars, and be sure that your child is visible to other drivers. 
    • Even in parking lots, you should check to be sure there are no children behind or under your car before driving away. 
    • Be especially careful around daycares and schools during drop-off and pick-up times. Children may be difficult to see, as they are running to meet their caregivers.

Did You Know?

Illustration of car rear-view mirror displaying 39%.

39% of deaths from accidental car back-overs happen in a driveway at home, an apartment parking lot, or a townhouse complex.

- Safe Kids Worldwide