Sleep Safety

Baby Gear 101

It’s important to have control over your baby’s environment so they don’t come into contact with anything dangerous. For a newborn, that can be lots of things. Learn how to use these popular items and accessories the safe way by following these simple steps.

Steps to Safety

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  • Pacifiers and Small Toys

    • Never tie strings or clips to a pacifier, and make sure that any strings attached to toys are shorter than twelve inches.
    • Pay attention to age warnings and recommendations, and avoid toys with small parts, sharp edges or pieces that could pinch.
    • Don’t know if a toy is safe for your baby to play with? Test it with a choke tube or a toilet paper roll. If it fits inside, it’s too small. For more info, go here.
    • Keep all batteries away from infants and children. For more on this, go here.
    • You can always check for product recalls here.
  • Baby Monitors

    • If an electrical cord is left dangling anywhere near a baby’s neck, it poses a big risk. Keep baby monitors and anything else with a cord three feet away from the crib, bassinet or play yard.
    • Use cord shorteners or cord clips to keep extra slack away from babies. For more on this, go here.
  • Humidifiers

    • Make sure the cord is three feet away from wherever the baby sleeps and plays.
    • Place the humidifier on a flat surface, out of the baby’s reach.
    • Unplug the humidifier when you’re done, cover the outlet after you unplug it and pour any remaining water down the sink.
    • Keep the humidifier clean and change the water daily.

Did You Know?

Every day more than a dozen children are treated for accidentally swallowing or inhaling toys.

- Nationwide Children's Hospital