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Safety Tips

Falls & Tip-Overs
Furniture & TV Tip-Overs: Keeping Everything in Place
Bunk beds: Knowing Their Risks
Decks and Porches: Safety in Your Outdoor Space
High Chairs: Making it the Safest Place for a Child to Eat
Stair Safety: The Right Steps to Protect Your Kids
Window Safety: Keeping Children Safely Inside
Fire & Burns
Burns & Scalds: Surprising Dangers, Simple Tips
Fire Safety: What to know. What to do.
Home Fire Drill: Have you practiced with your family?
Home Smoke Alarms: Your First Line of Defense
Choking & Strangulation
Toy Safety: Keeping Playtime Safe
Choking: Small Objects That Pose a Big Danger
5 Toxic Products to Put On Your Watch List
Hand Sanitizer: Keeping Hands Germfree Safely
Keeping Vapes and Refills Away From Kids
Household Poisons: Out of Sight, Locked up Tight
Pretty Colors. Pretty Shapes. Laundry Packets Can Be Pretty Dangerous.
Lead Poisoning: Take The Extra Steps To Avoid It
Medicine Safety: The Right Dose of Caution
Preventing Carbon Monoxide Poisoning: Sounding The Alarm on a Silent Killer
Button Batteries: The Tiny, Shiny Hazard at Home
Sleep Safety
Baby Gear 101
Nursery Safety: Put Safety Before Style
Learn The ABCs of Infant Sleep Safety
Water Safety
Swim Safely: Water Safety Starts Here
Keeping Your Swim Area Safe
Bathtub Safety: The Dirt On Getting Clean Safely
How to Identify and Prevent Dry Drowning
Outdoor Play
Kids on Bicycles: Riding Safely
Helmet Safety: Be Protected While Bike Riding
Bounce Houses: The Safe Way to Play
The Right Bike: Size, Brakes, Wheels, and More
Car Safety
Driveway Safety: Protecting Kids From Car Back-overs
Car Seats: Keeping Precious Cargo Safe
Booster Seats: Keeping Bigger Kids Safe On The Road
Heatstroke: Always Check Your Back Seat
Farm Safety
Protecting Kids from Common Farm Hazards
Farm Animal Safety: Slow and Steady
Keeping Kids Clear of Hazardous Materials on the Farm
Fun on the Farm: Playtime Safety for Kids
Halloween Safety
Halloween: Staying safe on the spookiest day of the year
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